COVID-19 and why Egypt should be burnt

Egypt constitutes a severe danger on the planet because Egypt is under a fascist military regime led by Abdelfattah Elsisi ruling the country through fear and fire, a gang interested only in robbing the wealth of the country and splitting it among the gang’s members. In Egypt there is no evidence of a real government, so you notice chaos and disorder everywhere causing failure in the health system (and the other systems of course). There are no rules of any kind, the police are corrupt as well as the judiciary, when you walk through the streets you can easily see the piles of trash everywhere, you can see dogs wandering around with children playing on the streets, you can also see the domestic birds’ cages over the roofs of the buildings spreading the diseases. In regard of COVID-19, the people here in Egypt are dying on the streets, hospitals do not accept patients (except the influential ones of course), you can hardly bring an ambulance to your residence. Most of the patients who die are being registered as patients of pneumonia which makes the Egyptian COVID-19 published numbers irrelevant to COVID-19 statistics. Almost all the corpses are buried with no precautionary measures.
In the following video a singer named Shiko kept screaming and crying and calling for help to save his mother that was infected with COVID-19, but with no use. After she died he published her death certificate in which the health officials mentioned that she died of pneumonia. There are thousands of similar cases.
Now, I assure you that COVID-19 originated in Egypt, and apparently it spread to China through some Chinese workers who work in Egypt. In fact, at the beginning of 2019 a friend of mine went to a hospital carrying his son who could not breathe and after he was examined the doctor carelessly told my friend that his son has a strange virus in his body, after a few days that child died and in his death certificate they wrote pneumonia as the cause of death.
Now, you may ask why an Egyptian would want to see Egypt burnt, and the answer is simple, to make planet Earth a better place.

The video

The son of the deceased removed the video, apparently after he was tortured, in Egypt they have funny (and painful) ways for torture, for instance they drag the one who opposes the regime or discloses its crimes to the police station and shove a metallic or a wooden stick in his/her anus. But I found a similar video on another channel.

Shiko's mother death certificate

"Cardiac arrest and cessation of breathing resulting from blood acidity resulting from acute pneumonia"